Thursday, August 30, 2007

They Can Create Any Kind of Dog

A week or so ago on the National Geographic channel had an article about the generic engineering of dogs.

They said, and showed of course, that about 90% of the different breeds of dogs were not around 200 years ago. They came with the industrial revolution. They are human designed and produced.

The humans have purposely bred certain breed of dogs with a certain other breed of dog to get a certain live product. It may take several generations of breeding to get what they were planning. Some dogs were bred to hunt small game others big game. Others to be smellers to smell things out – bloodhounds come to mind; racing is another. Of course, we can not overlook the rescue dogs in the Alps with their little kegs of rum.

In the article they had a Russian man who bred dogs to smell for bombs at the airports in Russia. So far, they have been 100% right. He has a dog crew of about 40 and it took him years and years of cross breeding to come up with the perfect bomb sniffer.

There are dogs that herd, dogs that do smart things, dogs that lead the blind, and dogs that lie around and take it easy like Willow – except when she wants to gallop at high speeds all over the yard…. Incidentally she is part Whippet, I think she was designed to race.

On the National Geographic program a genetic engineer showed all these formulas on a print out, that made a dog what it was…. And how some of the chromosomes (whatever), could be lost or gained for the next generation… one set might represent hair color, another eye color, and another teeth alignment.

Which brings to mind – knowing the greed of the human race I bet there is group of scientists right now engineering a dog to have er-human like features…. Maybe some chromosomes will make it have a short snout, maybe another chain of chromosomes will cause it to be hairless, all but head full of blond hair, or maybe a red head… then, another combination would eliminate most of the 6 or 8 teats a dog has leaving only two, but all the others teats that are not there, the physical matter would gather in the two remaining ones… of course, the lips would be fuller, and engineered to hold lipstick.

It would take a special store to sell these dogs, a store for a certain kind clientele. – maybe a lot of low lights and maybe loud music and a strobe light.

Now is the time to get in on the ground floor. You will be rich in no time! Send me your money, I will see it is invested in the right breeders.*

*Preferably in unmarked bills.

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Blogger MichaelBains said...

You think they'll take credit cards? I'll email ya my number, eh!

(Yikes! lol!)

11:17 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Of course email me your credit card number - don't just blurt it out. Somebody up to no good may get ahold of it.... oh by the way, be sure to tell me your credit limit.

11:36 AM  

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