Friday, February 16, 2007


I am viewing off and on a two hour study of Fidel Castro on the TVo that was left on it when my son gave it to us. I am about half through.

It is interesting and how he and his small band of fighters (somehow it reminds me of Robin Hood’s small band of rebels) stayed in the mountains waiting until the time was right to strike. Castro was a good strict leader and he knew how to play the war game when he was outnumbered.

He was also a good politician. He was charismatic – he knew what to say and do to get the masses of people to fall behind him.

I thought it was interesting that at one time in his life he and his newly wed wife lived in New York, Brooklyn I think. Can you picture the leader the future leader of a powerful nation and a thorn in the United Sates’ ass sitting on the steps of his apartment house in Brooklyn watching the kids play ball in the streets and hollowing at his neighbors?

When he was in a Cuban prison for his part in a coup he was having an love affair by letters with another woman. Somehow his letters that crossed and his wife received the letter meant for his lover pen-pal and his lover pen pal received his wife’s letter. His wife left him.

So, is it Fidel Castro or Infidel Castro? Wait! Does Castro appreciate good music? Maybe it is Hi-Fidel Infidel Castro!

Stick around, I got a million of ‘em!



Anonymous Suzanne said...

Fidel came to the US to play baseball. He almost made a team - the Senators, I think. (I'm sure they mention this in the documentary.) Can you imagine how history would be different if he made it in the big leagues?

9:25 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Fidel was a good baseball player. You are right, history would have changed it course and we would never have known it, which would probably change when I enlisted in the Navy (I enlisted because of the Cuban Crisis).
I wonder how many things prevented a change in the course of history... every day, I suppose.
I bet if Fidel did make the Senators, he would be president of the Players Union before it was over with.

2:36 AM  

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