Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blessed Event In the Neighborhood

How old do you think Bob’s son Joe is? 14? 15? 16?

I don’t know. I remember when we were having some remodeling done in 1994 I came home from work one day and the contractor told me that the little kid across the street fell into their pool and they thought he drowned. They called 911 and they medical emergency plus the fire department came and saved his life.

Joe was a little toddler then, maybe 14 months old. So, if he was one year old then, 13 years ago, that would make him 14 or maybe 15 now – I think 16 would be pushing it.

Joe isn’t so little anymore. He is no longer a little kid. He could pick you up and break your back or fling you in to some tree limbs if he had the notion. He is well over six feet tall and probably weighs well over 250 pounds. He reminds me of the 500 pound gorilla joke (any where he wants to).

Yesterday, while outside, I saw that Joe had a female friend following him around. Then I noticed the girlfriend had a huge belly. She was pregnant. She looks as if she could into labor any moment.

One time the mother-to-be was inside, came out with a bucket of water and threw onto the lawn. Then Joe’s mother came out with a mop and did something with it. Is Ann showing the young mother-to-be she was going have to carry her load if she was going to live there?

Then a short time later the three piled into Ann’s van. Joe drove, Ann rode shotgun, the mother-to-be rode in the back seat. It is good she knows her place in the family.

It appears that Joe is about to take on fatherhood at the tender age of 14 or 15. I wonder if he has a job to bring home the bread? I think the highest education he has is maybe the 8th grade until his loving family decided to home school him. I think he and his “old lady” has a long bumpy road ahead of them.

But the important thing is that Bob will be a grandpa.

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