Wednesday, August 16, 2006


It has been a productive day, sort of.

The first thing I went to my eye doctor for my regular yearly exam. Since a couple of years ago, when they found my eye balls had a high pressure number, they have been keeping an eye on it. When they found it I was prescribed some kind of eye drops and the pressure went away, much to the surprise of the doctor.

I made my appointment 8am. I figure the best time to make your appointments is the first one of the day or around 11:30, which should be just before lunch. In either case, you are subject to be waited on and out of there quicker.

This morning was an exception. I got lost in the shuffle. The nurse for my doctor was new (to that office), she came up from the Piedmont office, she said, because they were short handed. So, after she did her part with me she told me to go sit back in the waiting room and the doctor would call me. That is not the way it has been done. After the nurse does her thing you just sit there and the doctor comes by and sees your papers on the door, and looks it over and goes on in and does his part.

But she sent me back to the waiting room. After a while the receptionist asked me didn’t she already see me go to the back and I said yes, and told her that I thought the nurse, being new to their operation, put me back here, when I thought she shouldn’t. Apparently, she went back and said something and the nurse called me back and the doctor looked over my figures and said I was doing okay, keep up the good work and come back next year.

I walked out without paying a dime. Thank you, tax payers. Medicare is great.

Then I thought I would go to Costco and buy gas. On the way, I thought I would drop by the doctor’s office I am scheduled to have a physical next week. I have a slight problem I wanted to ask the lab about. What it is I also have orders and the form from my cardiac doctor to get blood work at a lab done before my next appointment. I asked the lab lady could she do both of them, one for the doctor and one for cardiologist. She said sure, but added that I may have a hard time to get Medicare to pay for both of them if they are the same blood test. Darn! I now I am confused.

In the waiting room was Jim, a friend of mine. I sat down and we talked a while. Then, on to Costco to get gas..

I worked on genealogy today and studied a genealogy program manual I just received – I sent off for an update of Family Tree Maker Genealogy Program and also as an afterthought ordered the manual… so the lady on the phone had to make two orders of it, because I ordered it after she asked, “Is that all?” But she said they wouldn’t charge me postage on the book. So, now I have the manual and not the program, so I am studying it.

Also I did a few things around the house such as ran the dishwasher and emptied it.

On a HBO station Woody Allen’s “Play It Again, Sam” was on. I didn’t realize or remember how much “Play It Again, Sam” is similar to “Annie Hall”. They even have the same two main actors, Woody Allen and Dianne Keaton… and the same plot, Woody a bumbling klutz who is missing out in the romance department and his female running around buddy, who happens to be married… and they finally click, romantically. Keaton dresses like Annie Hall in both of them. The only difference I can see is that clips of Humphrey Bogart in “Casablanca” is in one and not the other.

Of course I could be wrong. It has been a long time since I saw “Annie Hall”.

After Anna came home we went to downtown Marietta to a and met a friend of Anna’s who got a promotion and is transferring to D.C. We met her at a Thai and sushi restaurant. It was a goodbye dinner.

The restaurant is what used to be known as the Denmeade Warehouse. Mr. Denmeade was a nearby plantation owner, and this building is right by the railroad tracks. I have shown a picture before of just on the other side of the tracks are doors into a cement wall, that they would put the cotton in waiting to load it onto the railway during pre-Civil War Times. More recently, the building was the warehouse for Veach’s Wholesale Grocery. Anna’s father was the manager of Veach's for 30 years. When he decided to retire Mr. Veach closed the business down.

Inside the restaurant is very charming with a bunch of Asians with black ties waiting on you hand and foot. Rocky had eaten there several times and had nothing but good to say about the place. We were there about 90 minutes, I counted the sounds of 4 trains during that period - that is part of the small town charm.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Eddie! Hope you are well...

2:57 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

You've been a busy, busy boy! I love to hear those train whistles too :)

7:48 AM  
Blogger kenju said...

Eddie, where have you been? I've been gone and you haven't posted at all. Hope everything is okay.

8:11 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Yes, I agree with Kenju. I am worried about you, since you have not posted in a few days and usually are a daily writer. I hope all is well

12:49 PM  

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