Friday, August 11, 2006

I Have Just Enough Knowledge To Be Dangerout!

I have just enough knowledge of computers and the electronic world to be dangerous.

Yesterday, I waited around for two or three of my entries to appear on my blog. I waited and waited. Then, I went to Anna’s computer and looked and they were there! Also, through my editing dashboard thing they were there, along with comments. So, other people were receiving it, even in our own house, so why didn’t I?

I called my son Adam, who is very sharp on these things I get tangled up in and he told me to press the Refresh command button, which I did, and it all materialized.

Then this morning, the same thing happened, the entry of the Petty family I submitted did materialized so I chuckled to myself and hit the refresh button. And it still didn’t materialize. Then, I went through the dashboard and it wasn’t there. So, I checked on my other blog, Chickenfat and it was there, I had placed it there in error. So, I copied and pasted it on the Chicken Fat blog that I use mostly.

The same thing happened last week – as you might remember, when I asked you to go to chickenfat.

And the day before yesterday Anna and my lines went down. We could not get on line. Sometimes when that happens if I unplug everything including the modem and router and wait a minute and plug it back in everything works fine. This time it didn’t. And it was time to go to bed. The next morning our lines were still down. I was going to call Adam, but first call Bell South, but before I did, I wanted to check to make sure I plugged the lines back into the modem and router snugly. And there was the problem. I overlooked plugging the little power cord back in.



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