Saturday, August 12, 2006

movie fever

We just watched the 2005 version of Zorro with Anthony Banderas. Each time I see a Zorro movie or a Durango Kid movie, I feel like getting in a good fight using whips, swords, and doing a few snappy kicks, leaping, swing with my whip across the room and jump from one roof top to another.

Here, pardon me, while I get this momentarily urge out of my system.

Here I am leaping gracefully across the room with my black cape following behind me, almost like a ghost. I land gracefully on my two feet and survey the room, but you see, I don’t look behind me where a bad guy is slipping up with a long sword, but you see, I see his image in a mirror close by, so I quickly spin around just as his long sword is coming down and dodge it and punches him in the face. He looks shocked for a minute and takes another jab with that sword. This time I leap up and grab the chandelier and swing right into him, my manly black Dingo boots right into his face which knocks him out cold.

Then I continue swinging on the chandelier and three other thugs come out, all have guns, knives, and even brass knuckles. I very gracefully let go of the chandelier and I go into a spin. The thugs all shoot at me, but I am artfully dodging the bullets as they whiz by me… but the bullets, after they whiz by me, hits each of the thugs and they fall down dead…. Did I tell you they surrounded me, and who would have thought that it would have worked like that.

Then, I take some very high steps and leaps which shows off my long legs. Then I see the boss of the bad guys setting a timing device on a pack of dynamite sticks all wrapped together. By this time I am up on a balcony. I do a very graceful swan dive off the balcony with my cape serving like wings of a bat. I gracefully (and artfully) grab the mean bosses shoulders and bring him to the floor with me. Like a gymnastic major, I roll and pounce up and ready to jump around from furniture high furniture piece to furniture piece, like bars, cabinets, and all… the mean boss yields his gleaming sword at me and each time I jump with both feet and he always misses me. We fight some more, and oh, did I mention there is a big gear thing pulling a big cable in the middle of the room, for whatever reason, who knows. The bad guy is about to stab my heart when his shirt gets caught up in the gears and cable and he is shot up to the top of the room and hung – or did he fall into the meshing of the giant gears? Anyway, he is dead. I gracefully, with my long legs leap across the room to shut off the timing advice, but a bad guy I thought I killed shot me in the arm which kinds of knocks me woo-woo – but the digital timer is only about 4 seconds away from 0… then, my faithful horse happens to bound through the window with glass shattering all over the place, also with along graceful leap, and kicks the timing device to pieces.

And afterwards, we all have a good laugh.

You should see me after I watch a 3 Stooges movie.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I could be there, we would just need another stooge

3:00 AM  
Blogger ET said...

If we couldn't find another Stooge we would be Abbott & Costello.

5:12 AM  
Blogger Bird said...

i'll be your 3rd stooge!

8:23 AM  
Blogger ET said...

OK, I'll bop you on the head and pull your nose, then you can slap me hard enough that I will spin and drill a hole in the floor and fall in it.

5:04 AM  

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