Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sam & Daves' BBQ & Sam & Daves' BBQ #2

There is a barbecue place near the Chattahoochee River named Sam and Daves’s BBQ. We read an ad and searched for it on Google and found a couple of raving reviews. The only thing, they said, it was a hole in the wall at a shopping center. The only has two tables. It was primarily designed as a take-out place.

We tried it and fell totally for the delicious home-town style they made of it. The barbecue is moist with just the right rubs. We think it is the best barbecue place in Cobb County – maybe the world.

The best we can figure it is owned by three men, Sam, who is a lawyer, Dave, who is in real estate, and Dave. That’s right, two Daves. I am not sure what other line of work the other Dave is in. I am pretty sure both Daves are part owners.

Sam Huff, the lawyer, was at one time in the early ‘70s an assistant D.A. in Cobb County. He father was a judge. Once about that time I was on the Grand Jury and watch Sam present some cases for indictment. Then he was clean faced and a wee bit nervous. Now he is white bearded and not nervous at all.

I also went to see Sam as an assistant D.A. when my motor cycle was robbed from me with a bad check. I wanted to see about pressing charges. Sam told me that once I accepted a predated check from the guy I was accepting his credit, thus it was no longer a criminal matter – it was a civil matter.

One of the Daves is David Poe. His family had a smoker on a trailer and would go to events where people would gather and dish out the barbecue. They called their portable barbecue organization Stump and Sons Barbecue. His mother was a small woman, who they called Stump. And, well Dave, was a son.

Sam Huff has won barbecue cook-off competitions and so has David Poe. Again, I don’t know about the other Dave.

Sam has a gray beard and the two Daves are good looking men. They have a devil-may-care way about they operate things – something about them remind me of the A-Team. I can see almost picture one of them, with a cigar clinched in their mouth fighting the rude customers – but where is Mr. T.?

Two weeks ago they opened a new barbecue restaurant probably about a mile west of the Square. It is named Sam and Dave’s BBQ #2.

The Marietta Journal interviewed Sam and he said their barbecue was good you will want to "slap your mama!" I like that expression.

We went the first night and have been back twice twice. Each time the food was great. We try not to be compulsive and try to do things in moderation, but with this barbecue we just couldn’t help ourselves it was so good.

The first night we had regular pulled pork. The next night we tried barbecue chicken. And last Friday evening we had beef brisket. It was all delicious.

Now, I am thinking ribs. I try to keep my ribs consumption low – (1) they are so good I suspect they have more than their share of fat and (2) ribs are expensive.

I had ribs from Sam and Dave’s for my Father’s Day Dinner that we got to go from the original Sam and Dave’s BBQ. So, that may do me and be happy with the other three selections.

Interesting enough, it is one of the few places that you are most likely to see all natives. I don’t think we heard any Yankee or foreign accents there. Everybody seems to be local.


Blogger Steve said...

Sounds lip smacking good.

2:43 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Indeed it is. And if you order their delicious bbq chicken you can just about stay on your diet, almost.

4:56 AM  
Blogger Steve said...

Diet smiet, pass the potato salad

2:59 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I think it is unusual for non-locals to hit up the hole in the wall type places. Although that's usually the places that I head first, since they usually are good.

5:58 AM  
Blogger aph said...

Which reminds me of Brandi's World Famous Hotdogs.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:28 PM  
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