Thursday, August 03, 2006

Georgia State Capital

This was on a birthday card I received a few days ago. It is from our state representative (Republican). He probably wants a list of the free-loaders which includes people on Medicare.

As soon as I saw the card made me remember that you cannot take a good picture of the Georgia Capital without taking pictures of the trees. That is good too. Trees are good. But, one day I wanted to take a picture of the Capital without all the trees. I walked around the block several times and could not come up with the right angle to miss the trees and get all of the building.

However, when Bluto visited (see previous blog entries) from the top floor of the Coke Museum in the staircase well I found is a good place to take a picture of the Capital without the trees - or the trees are still there, but in a lower position so the Capital can stand out.

If you are ever in Atlanta and have the time you would probably enjoy visiting the Capital. We did. A museum of history and Georgia's natural resources. is in the open lobby of both levels. There are all kinds of paintings and statues of famous Georgians.



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