Tuesday, June 12, 2018

You Don't Say, Mr. President!

On a local TV News an anchor person made a retraction.  She told what was reported and then told us what should have been reported.

I think most newspapers and news on TV are fairly accurate, because they check and recheck the proof they have before they actually tell it.  Of course, human are humans and something untrue occasionally slip through the cracks.

Trump calls the real news phony news because, I think, they tell things he wish they wouldn’t.

But on the other hand, Trump tells so many untruths it is hard to keep up with them all.  He is not above making up a phony fact to give him credence

I think the certifiable press and Trump should make an agreement with each  other, kind of like the old days when we had to put a quarter in a jar each time we said a bad word:  when either tells an untrue statement they will retract it the next day.  If CNN tells an untruth then they will be expected to admit it the following day.  If (not if  but when) Trump tells an untruth, rules are rules, and Trump will be expected to admit his scapegoat misinformed him.

After all,  no one, not even the President is above rules… or the law.  On second thought, this probably won’t work.


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