Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Those Sneaky Valedictorians !

I read on one of the on-line news that a young lady, a Valedictorian, was giving a speech to her fellow high school graduates when without warning went off her approved script and started talking about the NRA, legislator lawmakers,  and the school mass murders recently.  The speakers were turned off within seconds.  She did not get her message through.


In southern Kentucky, where Trump is worshiped like God, the Valedictorian, a young man, gave his fellow students a speech that everybody liked and applauded.  They cheered and applauded because the Valedictorian said, “as our President Donald Trump said…”…….” And he went on to say something heavy and meaningfully. 

After they did their cheering, the Valedictorian said, He was just joking, he was actually quoting President Obama.   I think the crowd decided they didn’t like the quote so much after all.


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