Sunday, June 03, 2018

Darlene Gaines' Memorial at the Arbor at Campground Methodist

The Arbor

Today we went to the Memorial Service of Darlene Gaines, wife of my life long friend Walker James Gaines.  In the 1960s Walter was in the Air Force, station in Maine and met and married Darlene July 7, 1962.
We have only met Darlene twice and she was very nice and might have been a bit hyper, it seems she enjoyed being busy.

The service was in the Arbor of the Marietta Campgrounds.  There were a lot of people there which I do not know.  Therefore these pictures are mostly of people I know.

The Arbor closeup

The Campground Academy Schoolhouse/Campground Museum

Walker's sister Grace

Grace and her husband

Walter's sister Martha

James Walker Gaines.  
Since I last saw him a couple years ago he has grown a beard..  That last time I saw him we met at the Varsity for lunch.  He gave me a present:  A brick from the demolished Waterman St. School.


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