Thursday, June 28, 2018

Today we watched two Redbox movies.  Rent one and get one free will hook us every time.  We got GOODBYE CHRISTOPER ROBIN and RED SPARROW staring Jennifer Lawrence (naked).

GOODBYE CHRISTOPHER ROBIN was about the inspirations of creating the WINNIE THE POOH stories.  It was the relationship between a boy and his parents.   It was very good and we cried more than once through it.

RED SPARROW is a Russian/America free-for-all; Spy Vs Spy; bloody; torture; four-letter words tossed wildly around; shoot’em ups; and raw sex kind of movie.

Sometimes when we see two movies in the same span, later we will ger the two confused… like did this happened in the first movie or the second.  At least I don’t think we will have that problem with these two movies.


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