Thursday, June 28, 2018

Rain, Rain, You Know

True Story:  Scene:  The Post Office lobby.  Three people (man with a rain cap on, a middle age woman with reeking perfume, and me looking at a the rain downpour with force just outside the glass door.
The woman got right in my face and said. “My windows are down!”
Me, who likes to help solve problems when presented to me, looked around and saw a rack of flatten Posta Priority Mail boxes.  I suggested she put a flatten box over her head.
She said they cost money.  It said $13.95 on the rack.  I corrected her and said it costs $13.95 to mail the box full of stuff.
She took one.
A lady walked out of the window-clerk area and said, “Oh no!  rain!”
The lady reeking with perfume said “Take a box”
She new lady said, “Is that legal?”
The perfumed lady, pointed out me, “He said it.”
She grabbed a flat box.  So did I.
The perfumed lady asked the man with a hat was he getting one, he said he would just wait.  He already had a rain hat on.  A cautious soul.
Minutes later when I was driving away the perfumed lady almost hit me running on foot.  She opened the box and stuck her head in it like putting her head in a tunnel and was running blindly in the rain.
Moving traffic prevented me from jumping out to help.  She was headed to her car.  I hope she got those windows rolled up.


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