Monday, June 11, 2018


Now that the TONY awards are here with all the good catchy music that goes with it reminds me of a musical, that as far as I know, never made it to Broadway:

I first saw THE FANTASTICKS in Greenwich Village, in the basement of an old building, it might have once been a church annex.  My Navy buddy Sam Kauske went to see the play a few days before was so carried away with it, he went again to see, this time with me.

I thought it was great, it was once bouncy song after another, and each song you have probably heard over and over, the one that comes to mind is the song: SOON ITS GOING TO RAIN, I CAN FEEL IT.

The play stereotypes typical ideally neighbors interacting and their teenage children falling in love.  The scenery is brought to the audience visually by the scenery man, which is usually (I have seen it several times) a non-descript guy with either a derby or a top hp on.  It they need the neighbors to interact between yards the scenery guy holds up his walking cane or director baton, to use as a fence.  It they need autumn or fall conditions ballet around with a sack, reaching into it throwing out and scattering colorful paper cuts to represent falling leaves.

There are few players in the play.  Two fathers, a teenage boy, a teenage girl for a love story, the scenery guy, a very dignified worldly devil like character, and for some reason his Indian companion. and that is all the characters  I can recall.

Since I first saw it, we saw it at Kennesaw College and someplace in Atlanta.

If you see it is being played someplace, even by a high school, get tickets, you might enjoy it.

Here is ACT I:


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