Monday, July 17, 2017

Yesterday's Birthday Dinner

We kept my birthday on low key yesterday.  We did not to an upscale restaurant yesterday or anything like that.

But we did go to a nearby small restaurant that has good food.  It was just the owner and one tall teenager that was waiter.  Or I think he was a teenager by the way he carried himself, but he may have been in his early 20s.
The food was good.  I had blackened catfish, hushpuppies, and coleslaw.  At first we were the only customers, then three other groups came in.
After we finished Anna asked the young man if they did  anything for birthdays.  The guy looked puzzled.  I think the tall awkward guy imagined himself singing "Happy Birthday" to me.  Then he said he could give me peach pie.  It was agreed, I would get peach pie with ice cream.
He asked did I want to peach pie warmed up and I said sure.   After all, let's go for it all!
The owner brought the heated peach pie, no ice cream. 

I found out something I didn't know.  Freshly nuked peaches in peach pie hold their hotness.  When I bit into the pie the almost boiling peach juice clung to my tongue I wanted to run around screaming.   I settled for a mouth of cold water. 


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