Monday, July 24, 2017

MAGINON 4k Ultra 4K Camera. Latest Toy Report.

MAGINON 4k Ultra 4K Camera. Latest Toy Report.

This picture of the camera is with the bicycle adapter.  It is a small camera, about the size of a ring box.    However it comes with many adapters and attachments, it comes in a box about the size of a cigar box. 

I bought it the other day.

As already noted it comes with bike adapter;  a flat stand,  as to sit upright on your car dash: and a helmet adapter, and maybe more I have not figured out yet:  It has a lot of little plastic extras.

It was complicated (to me) to figure out what parts I needed to assemble the bike adapter.  Interesting, the first time I assembled it and attached it to my bike's handlebars I did not notice until I was about to pedal away that the camera was mounted upside down.  That would not do, so I unassembled and  assembled it again, right side up, and then saw the camera lens were facing me, the driver, not forward,  but backwards.  AARRRGGggg!

That would be something,  a 1.5 maiden voyage with my new camera with nothing but my facial expressions the entire time.  A video selfie!

Back to the drawing board.

I finally got it all connected (with Anna's with the instructions ), rode my bike with the camera looking ahead for about 1.5 miles. 

When I got back and looked at the video it only recorded the last two blocks.

About the area it started recording I remember about that time the camera was pointing forward and down.  I thought it might be recording the street pavement.  So I pushed she pulled to get the camera to start pointing more level.  I must have accidentally pressed the "record" button which should have been on anyway.

More later when I learn more about this $59.99 camera.


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