Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Throwback Thursday: The Hunt House

Picture by Marie Prance (I think)

This house was on Butler Street in South Marietta.  Then, the city engineers did some street flip-flopping and now the house was on Atlanta Street.  Then there was no house.  It burned up.

The house had a long history.  In the Civil War it was a Union soldiers hospital.  In the early 20th century it belonged to Mary Phagan's grandfather.   About 20 years later Anna's mother's family lived there when she was young.

It is what I always thought of as the Hunt House.  When I was a preteen the Hunt  Family, owners of Hunt Ice Cream on West Atlanta Street and the Economy Hot Dogs and Ice Cream on Church Street.

As a kid we played football on the huge side-lawn on Sundays sometime.

Time stands still for no man (or house).

Which reminds me the other day we were riding down Powder Springs Street and I looking down Hedges Street and West Dixie Avenue I saw that all the houses have been bulldozed away.

I think that is step one of gentrification .  It seems  to me that should be unconstitutional.  It pushes out low income families and make way for the wealthy.


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