Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Banking Business

Today we had bank business.  While I was standing with Anna at the teller's window I spotted over on a counter a complementary coffee machine.
I love free coffee at places like this!  (1)Banks and doctors' receptionists areas like to put their best foot forward and have the very best top quality coffee.
(2) and it is free.
I casually went over to it and selected a medium roasted premium name I never heard of before.  The coffee pack was in strong plastic wrap.  I could not figure out how to open it.
I went back and stood by Anna but was studying the machine.   I remember a machine similar to that in a doctor's office but you did not open the pack up, you just put the whole thing in it and slap the mechanism together and brewed quickly.
I went over and studied the machine again but could not figure out exactly how to slap it in there or tear the wrapper off or what.
I gave up and was walking away.
A professional well-dressed lady saw my dilemma and asked if I needed any help.
I said yes.
She showed me how to do get the coffee  step by step.

I got my coffee and as we were walking out I saw the lady that helped me talk to another professional lady and they broke up laughing.


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