Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One Single Action an Argument For and Against Seat Belts

According to Uncle John's Bathroom Reader:  50% of Americans admitted to running a red light.

OK.  I wonder how what percent also ran a red light but did not admit to it?

Out on a lone dark road, waiting what seems forever on a red light to change green and no traffic is in sight either way, I know what I have done.  But I admit nothing.

I know of a man who once ran a red light and did not live long enough to admit it or not admit.

I know, because I was going through the green light as he ran the red light.  He went through the windshield of his truck and he hit me on the drivers side and the force knocked me on the other side of my green Gremlin before it crushed that side.

Neither one of us had on seat belts.  He died because he did have a seat belt on and I lived because I did not have mine on.

That was the Spring of 1975.  I am not sure they even had seatbelts then.


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