Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bird's Getting Kicked Out of the Nest

We have a hanging fern plant.  Yesterday the fern sounded like a big bird party was coming from it.  There were chirping, screaming, and tweeting.  In a way, they tweeted more drastically than Trump.
I think yesterday was the day the parent birds, Wrens, I think, decided it was time for the baby birds to be booted from their nest and find someplace else to live.
I tried taking pictures but the birds were not in a posing mood.  They had a new phase in their young lives to deal with.  I found this picture on Google.
I knew there was a bird sitting on eggs in the fern plant, actually she and hubby are the second couple that moved in that I know of.   Every time I watered the ferns a bird would shoot out of the greenery and would return after I left.
It was interesting to see partly the process of the graduation ceremony.  Apparently, Mom and Dad Bird would pick one of their young ones, and nudge it to the edge of the nest and somehow root it out into mid-air and it would either sink or swim, I mean fly.  I saw one fall through the air and hit the carport payment,  but quickly fluttered his wings and he went and perched on a slat  in the lattice, and I think I  heard it squawk, "I can fly!"
One took off like Peter Pan, went down then up and landed on a branch in a nearby bush.  The parents hurried over to give it moral support and maybe some advice.
Once I saw four birds, which I think were the two parents and two young ones on a limb overlooking the carport.  One of them were learning how to keep its balance with the help of flapping his wings.

They have a lot to learn.  Rule number one:  Stay away from Willow and the neighborhood cat.


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