Friday, July 28, 2017

Niles Visits His Hometoen

Niles Trammell

This morning's Marietta Daily Journal, on page 2, their Looking Back is about Leander Niles Trammell (1894-1973).   The photo was taken in 1942 of Marietta dignitaries welcoming their old friend chum Niles Trammell  back to Marietta.  Niles was president of National Broadcasting Company at the time.

Niles is 3rd cousin, twice removed, to me and my Hunter first cousin.  Jacob B. Trammell are our first common ancestor.
Niles grew up on Trammell Street, two or three doors down from his state famous grandfather  Leander Newton Trammell (1830-1900). 
The article mentions he was president of NBC in crucial times,  like jumping on the television bandwagon, but did not mention he is the one that signed up AMOS & ANDY on radio. 

I don't know, but I think Niles being from Marietta and several of the AMOS & Andy cast from Marietta is why "MARIETTA, GEORGIA"   Marietta was mentioned often on the sitcom.


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