Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Old Belmont Hills Shopping Center Transfored

The Bouncer

Today we had lunch at the Opa Greek Village Taverna at what was the Belmont Hills Shopping Center  the restaurant and some others shops are in the L-shape cluster of stores in the northwest Corner.  The Greek Village Tavern sits about where Twelve Oaks Restaurants sat in the Belmont Hills days.

Unfortunately, the huge Belmont Hills parking lot is still there, at the time unused.  The payment has been scraped away, now the area is covered with three feet high weeds.  It seems they could at least grow corn of something, just to make it useful, until it has further development.  On west end, about where Belmont Hills Shopping Center was is a gated community and on the south side of that is a big two storied grammar school that looks like it has not opened yet.

Back to the Opa Greek Village Taverna:  It was delicious and very Greek.  Greek music and murals of a typical Greek Village, and of course Greek food.  Olives, garlic, and feta cheese galore! 

It was a nice dining experience. 


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