Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Ran Into a Door

On Facebook I posted the latest picture of our grandson Benjamin at his dance class.  He was wearing a red cape.  That reminded me of a picture of his father Rocky, wearing a Superman suit with a red cape at his birthday party years ago.   I said, "Like Father, Like Son".

Then, being the self-centered lout that I am, I thought, "What about me?"

I am a father of a son mentioned there.  Did I ever do the Superman thing when I was young?

"Hmmmmmmm" (me stroking my chin thinking way back).
I don't remember doing Superman with a cape.

But I did do MIGHTY MOUSE.
I played I was Mighty Mouse.  That was in the early 1940s before TV.  I was fairly new when I played MM, probably age 4 or 5.  We lived in the Clay Homes. 

My sister Frances and I shared a bedroom.  We had twin beds.  I remember I had a cape on, just like Benjamin and Rocky, but I think mine was a towel.

I jumped from bed to bed, springing from one bed upright, and with my arms out like super heroes do, get parallel  then land on the other bed on my head.

One time I missed and my head hit the dresser and blood spurted everywhere.  I was rushed to the Old Hospital (3 or 4 blocks, we probably walked) and stitches was put across my left eyebrow. 

I haven't noticed if the scar of no hair across my eyebrow is still there or not.

I was proud of my stitches and gauge and when someone first asked what happen I told the  truth they laughed at me and I felt humiliated.

The next person that asked me, which was Mrs Cannon, who lived upstairs in the next unit, I told her I ran into the door.
I'm not sure but I think I have never heard  the "ran into a door" excuse before.

From then on, when I heard someone give the "run into door" excuse I felt pride.


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