Monday, July 17, 2017

Darlene and the Drunk Ex-Nun

This  picture was taken at Anna's retirement party several years ago.  It looks like I am whispering sweet-nothings to Anna's already retired co-worker Darlene.  What you don't know is that Darlene is deaf and wears a hearing -aid, which she keeps off most the time.  So, is probably faking her expression, with no idea what I am saying, just by my eyes she could probably tell I just told the punch line so she should giggle.

Years before when we worked, Darlene and I carpooled to Kennesaw  Junior College together.  She had a little Beetle VW and I think at that time I had a little Volvo PV544, about the same size as the VW.   We took turns driving.  I smoked back then but was a gentleman enough not to smoke in the car with her.  She detested smoking.

I remember one night when I picked her up she told me her apartment clubhouse was having beer party.  I forgot the details, but I think we played hooky.  We drank beer and socialized with a crowd that would be called Yuppies in today's world.  I remember a drunk woman sat down with us and she was very talkative.  Interesting, the drunken lady was an ex-nun.  It was the first time and only time I got woozy with an yakking ex-nun.

We heard Darlene is in a nursing home now.


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