Friday, July 28, 2017

Georgian Oaks Lodge, Richard's Girlfriend, and Bob

Remember the Georgian Oaks Motel?  It was just down about a block north of Fisherman's Grill and a hop, skip, and a jump southwards  from Fisherman's was a restaurant I forgot the name of it but it was considered an alternative hangout, like Varners.  It was more directly in front of main gate at Dobbins Air Force Base.
But getting back to The Georgian Oaks Motel (and/or Lodge):  I have a facebook friend Richard that comes and goes.  Sometimes he is gone over a year.  He is a cook by trade.  Every once in a while he will come up with a surprised bombshell.  Once he told me either a girlfriend or waitress friend burned up the Georgian Oaks and she went to prison for it.
Since he told me that every time I think of The Georgian Oaks I think of that.
Also I think of a kid whose parents ran the Georgian Oaks then.  He helped his father with different kinds of vending machines.  He metamorphosed   himself to be a great vending machine repair person and collector of antique machines.

He is Bob Halliday of Bob's Garage  that is on JVL Industrial Drive off Shallowford Road.  Refurbishes cars, trucks,  juke boxes and many more things.  He has a national and probably international reputation.  


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