Monday, August 22, 2016

Woody and Jury Duty

For weeks, maybe months, I have been reading on Kindle the biography of Woody Allen, THE UNRULY LIFE OF WOODY ALLEN by Marion Meade.  I am 55% finished.
I doubt if this is an authorized biography because Marion Meade has a lot of not-so-nice facts about Woody.    I don't know about her other biographies but she is very detailed in Woody's.
I am reading it slowly and re-reading some of it.  It is worth retaining.
The reason I am bringing up the book now is that on Uncle John's Page a Day Bathroom Reader calendar on the Weekend page of August 20th and 21st tells of the time Woody Allen tried to get out of Jury Duty.  He couldn't.  But he did show up with his lawyer and a body guard and refused to sit with other jurors (Ms Meade points out in her book that he goes out of his way not to speak to possible fans).  

The judge excused him.


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