Friday, August 12, 2016

Michael Phelps and I Splashing

Starting mid last week Anna and I have been going daily (except weekends) to the inside county aquatic center near us early in the mornings.  Several mornings we were the only people there except the lifeguards.  At the most there have been three other people in the pool.  The trick is to get there before 6:30am.
There is a big Olympic size pool with lanes.  We stay away from that one.  The water is deep and cold.  Scary.
We use what they call the instructional pool.  It is knee deep on one end and it slopes downward at you walk to the other end,  which is probably almost six feet deep, Like public pools in the old days.  I am 5'7".  In the deepest end, standing on my tiptoes, with my face turned upward, it is about nose deep.
We each do our own water exercises or water aerobics.  
We are moving constantly the whole time of 40 to 50 minutes we are there.  I think the water adds a bulk of gentle resistance which I think will do good for your muscles and joints.

So what does Michael Phelps have that I don't?


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