Friday, August 05, 2016

Another Terry!  My long lost cousin Terry Poor.  Terry wasn't exactly lost.  He had been right under my nose for a long time.   I just didn't know him or that we are related.   We are 2nd cousins, once removed. Terry and another cousin, David Hunter are neighbors. 
Terry was the principal of Simpson Middle School, on Trickum Road, less than a mile, via a crow.  Our son Adam attended Simpson, but it was before Terry's reign.
Terry Poor is descended from Lewis Franklin Poor and Arminda Jane Hunter.  Arminda Jane Hunter is the only daughter of William A. and Emaline Ray Hunter, my great grandparents.

After William A. Hunter was shot in the knee during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain he recuperated in a private home near Woodstock.  The lady that was his caregiver was named Arminda.  William and Emeline named their only daughter after her.


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