Saturday, August 06, 2016

Much To Say About Nothing

Saturday Morning Project.  Yesterday I decided my project this morning would be to measure with the truck's odometer the distance between our house and the Sweat Mountain Dog Park. On the way on Shallowford Road the right lane of the 4-lane road was blocked off by cones and police car blue lights at every intersection.  It did not take me long to figure out why.  I saw a few scattered bikers on it.  It was a bike race.
I turned left on Steinhour Road and ahead of me at the drive into Lassiter High School parking lot was a policeman out his vehicle  with a bluelight flashing.  People ahead of him were running into the parking lot.  A "run" race was happening.  The policeman, in a good old boy good natured attitude told me to make a U-turn behind his truck and to Sandy Plains Road and turn off Wrigley Road and come up behind - go that way to the dog park.
I wanted to tell him his truck looked more like a big black van but didn't, he had the blue flashing light.
So, I U-turned and went back to Shallowford Road, but on the way, I decided not to go around the world to get to the dog park, I picked Woof Park, in Woodstock, it was probably less miles.
On the way I had to back track myself down Shallowford Road and I noticed more bicyclists in that race.
At Woofpark outside the gate of the big dog park was a lady with a little lap-size black dog on a leash.  They were just standing there greeting people as they came and went.
We stayed about 15 or 20 minutes, long enough for Willow to smell every butt and put up with the dogs smelling hers.
When We left and the lady with the little black dog was still outside the gate.  I asked her have they tried the "Small Dog" lot "over there" I pointed.
She said they had.  She said her dog begs to come, but once here she just likes to look at the other dogs, she is shy, so she does not interact with them.  So, I guess she is doing the best thing, be on the outside looking in.
Back on Shallowford Road, almost home the bulk of the bike riders have made it that far.
Of course I did not get to do what I planned to do because of the run-race.  A Roadblock that pops up to change my plans is nothing new.


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