Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Case of the Mysterious Nerd

Willow and do our daily walk most mornings before daybreak.   We walk between one and two miles and rarely see a human (but we do see cats and rabbits often).  This morning was an exception.
As we were walking down a hill approaching an intersection I saw a tall figure walking on the perpendicular street.  He passed the corner, looked up and saw us and did a walking U-turn and walked up the hill towards us.  On the street we were on it was on dark no street lights or moonlight.
When the person got close he said, "I think I am suppose to say "Good day, Good night, or Good morning, but I don't know what time it is."
He was close enough now that I recognized him but I don't remember where.  Krogers?  Dog park?  Those are about the only places I frequent often.   I think he is in his late teens or early twenties.  In my mind I remember I had him profiled as being sort of nurdy. 
"Good morning will work" I said.
"Good!  Good morning then!"
Willow and I moved on.  I was not sure what he was doing or what he was up to and I didn't want to stand around it the dark and chat with him.
About two blocks away I ran into him again.  He didn't seem to notice me that time.  I saw he had a clipboard in his hands and he kept looking down at it.
What was he up to at 5:30am with a clipboard?
I remember on the neighborhood on-line crime watch several cars in the area had reported theft of items in their cars.
Was he a items-left- in- unlocked- cars thief?  He seemed too gentle for that kind of activity.
The puzzle will probably stay a puzzle.


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