Wednesday, August 24, 2016


For years we have been purchasing 30 day parking permits for Wellstar Kennestone Hospital through The Good Life Club. 
The last one we purchased was in May.  At the time we were at the Wellstar Cobb General Hospital near Austell.  When we bought it we asked if it was good at the Kennestone Wellstar, and the lady told us it was.
We used it once since, in July, at the Kennestone Wellstar.
Yesterday we were at Kennestone again for a medical appointment.  The lady at the booth refused it.  She said they no longer honor that system as of two weeks ago.  We said, the 30 visit pass we bought said it was good for a year.  Nope!  She called her supervisor over and she concurred what the woman said.  They said we bought it at the Cobb General Wellstar, that was between them and us.
I  wish I had said, "But you are owned by the same company and was told it would be honored in both places!"
That is what we should have said.  Instead we just sputtered in suprise.
They raised the gate bar for this time, but no more.

Something is not right when a company can renege on a service they sold.  


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