Thursday, August 25, 2016

Anthony, Opal, Me, and the Preacher's Daughter

Throwback Thursday.  c1949-50.  The toddler is my cousin Anthony.  His mother Opal Petty is stooped down comforting him.  And the handsome brute on the tricycle is me.  The picture was taken in their front yard in Varnell, Georgia.

Varnell is about ten miles northeast of Dalton, near Cohutta.  Look at the tricycle.  It is too big for Anthony.  And it would not be mine, we were at least 85 miles from Marietta. 
It probably belonged to the little girl next door in the big white house.  The little girl's father was a preacher. 

On the other side of their house was a railroad crossing and a big water tank tower.  I vaguely remember that she and I climbed up the ladder and down into the tank.  And all the grownups had a hissy fit.

A few years ago my sister Frances and I revisited Varnell.  This is what used to be the preacher's big white house,  Is vacant now.

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