Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Marietta Has Talent


Marietta Has Talent.
I have mentioned our neighbors many times.  The daughter I am focusing on for this  is grown, in her 30s with kids.  

Because she lives in a Honey-Boo environment she was a social outcast as a teenager.  I remember one time another girl neighbor, her age, had a pool party within the view of our houses.  She got dressed and ready to go, in case they remembered they forgot to invite her.  They didn't.  The party went on with her 300 feet watching, embarrassed.  I felt sorry for her. 

Along that time she started studying voice.  She became very good at singing opera and was offered a scholarship.
I don't know what happened in her dysfunctional family - but she did not take them up on the scholarship..or maybe they withdrew their offer after the scholarship people visited her at home.

Now, in present time:  The other evening I was on our deck grilling when I heard her sing again.  It has been years since I heard that golden voice.  She was on her balcony singing, or practicing.  She interrupted herself several times and started over on a verse.  Tree foliage blocked my view, so I didn't see her sing, but I heard it.  She wasn't singing operatic, she was singing country. She is still good.

Actually, I had some doubt that it was her.  She has a friend that apparently lives there now, and I wonder if it was her new house guest, the voice sounded slightly different, a little higher.

That night, around ten pm I carried Willow out for a last nature call.  There was a couple more cars than usual across the street.  Up on the balcony was a lot of female chatter.  I think they were just talking whatever came up and enjoying the lightning flashes in the sky's horizon.

Then I heard a very loud belch.  Yep, that was her voice alright. 

* The picture is misleading.  You would think since I was talking about Marietta it was taken in Marietta.  Nope.  I took it looking through a fence in Blueridge, Ga.


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