Friday, August 12, 2016

Bluegrass concert in Woodstock and green glow in the dark rings

We went to a bluegrass concert in Woodstock yesterday evening.  It was a nice outing.  We met some friends there.  It was in a park with a cool breeze.
The band was good.
Apparently a young girl came up and requested they play a certain song.  The leader they would play what the young lady requested only if she comes up and dance to it as they played.
When they started playing two girls probably about 8 or 9 years old came up and following them were two or three younger boys. 
They didn't know much about dancing but it looks like the girls had been taking gymnastic classes and they knew how to cartwheel.  They did a lot of cartwheels.  It was good entertainment.

Then after the daylight left they had little glow ring things and kept playing.  One of the younger boys, you could see him running by his green glowing ring he had - then the ring fell to the ground and so did the little boy.  You could see the shadow of the mother rushing to him.  Up with the glow thing in thin dark air and it floated back to the crowd.


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