Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ed Hunter was born 105 years ago today.

If Daddy was still alive he would turn 105 years old today.

Ed between brothers Bus and W.C.

1st row:  Ed and W.C
2nd row, Bus, Bee, Herbert, 
and parents Minnie Tyson and Frank Paris Hunter 
In front of their house on Waterman Street

Ed and brother Jack

Ed, W.C., ? ans Hunter's family cow.

Ed as a young man

Ed (right in both pictures)  On the prowl?  Tomcatting?

Ed and Janie courting (left couple) also middle Opal Petty (Janie's sister) and end right Lois Carter (will become Mrs. Toy Moon)

Ed (right) with his new Petty brothers-in-laws, L to R: Wallace, Osmo, Leonard, Tom, and Roy Petty

Ed Hunter in Georgia National Guards

Ed with children Eddie and Frances (Bonnie not born yet).

Ed (far right0 with brother-in-laws: L to R:
Wallace, Osmo, Leonard, Tom, and Roy Petty.

Ed with brother plainsclothesman Stanley Hunter 

Ed Policeman

Hunter siblings, L to R: Dick, Stanley, Doug, Jack, Ed, Bus, Bee, and Herbert*
*brother Walter Clarence "W.C." absent.

wife Janie and Ed

Ed and grandson Rocky

Ed with grandsons Rocky and Adam

Ed and Janie 50th Anniversary, 1987.

Edwin Tyson "Ed" Hunter, Sr. died July 14,  1988.


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