Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What The Hell Were We Thinking?

Living in the hometown I grew up in at  almost every corner of the downtown area I am reminded something of my formative years, some pleasant, some not-so-pleasant, some funny, and some "what in the hell where we thinking?"  Which was the case recently when driving I approached the intersection of the South Marietta Parkway and  Cobb Parkway, South.... or back then the two streets were Clay Street and The 4 Lane, which is what most of us OM's still call those two streets.

I had a flash memory of two of us in a car in the same spot I was sitting in at the moment and

  A car full of teenagers rode by and one of them shot us the finger. I don’t remember how, but we immediately identified them as Sprayberry High School Students, and I think they just as quick identified us as Marietta High School students. It might have been the SHS AND MHS jackets that were often worn.   There was a slight rivalry between the students of the two schools, but not to be taken seriously.

So, somebody in the SHS car shot us a bird. To show them that we were not afraid of them, MC did a u-turn and got in hot pursuit of the car. At a red-light some cars were already stopped, so they could not run the red-light, which I think they would have if they could. We got behind them and jump out of MC’s car and we rushed over to their car and dared them to come out. They sat there with the car doors locked and looked straight ahead.

Boy, we looking mean, shaking the car, daring them to just come on out… there were four of them and two of us… we were brave weren't we?

The light changed and they drove off, leaving us standing there. WHEW! I felt relieved.  I immediately thought why in the world did we do something so stupid?

Thank God they did not open those car doors. I probably would have screamed.


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