Thursday, January 23, 2014

Marie Is In the Hospital

My mother-in-law, Marie Prance was admitted to the hospital yesterday.    For over a week she has not felt well, like tired all the time and just to walk several feet she got out of breath.  She is 93.

Monday we carried her to her regular GP doctor for various tests and an x-ray.

Yesterday morning the doctor called Anna and talked to her for about 40 minutes, which  is extremely good, getting that much time from your doctor is highly unusual.  I think there will be a special place in Doctor's Heaven for doctors like this.

The doctor told Anna several things, blood quality and blood flow related are making Marie feel like the does.  The doctor went on to say, bottom line, she needs to be in the hospital to get the right medicines and stuff into her body to get the heart pumping good blood again.

There will also likely be more tests also.  She will probably be there a few days. 


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