Friday, January 24, 2014

Hanging Out In the ER Waiting Room

Hanging Out In ER Waiting Room. A man in his 30s or early 40s was seated near me. He twist and turned wailing, moaning, and crying. His cell phone did a song and dance like chimes, he answered without looking at the caller i.d. And said, "Hi Pumpkin!". I could tell it was his daughter. He told her to do her homework and Mom would be home soon. He also told her "No, you can not go over to Nancy's and play!". Then he kidded her a little, which I think was a ploy to let her know they were still buddies. He said bye, clicked off and immediately went back moaning, wailing, groaning, crying and vomiting into a plastic bag. Then his phone rang again and whoever it was he told (very loudly) that he was being completely ignored by the staff in the ER. He went on to say he had kidney stones, two to be exact, he told how big they were in metric measurements and he also knew where they were, one in each kidney. I suspect he was having to wait because thr ER was crowded with sick and injured. I decided it would do no good to tell him that I went to the ER at 5am Christmas morning and they immediately took me to the back.

Also I had a nice conversation with a pleasant young lady that had a thick accent. She had been waiting 3 hours. She asked me was the ER very expensive. She was wearing braces on teeth, which an't cheap.



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