Friday, January 17, 2014

Jesse the Duck

Today while shopping  my old friend Jesse was on my mind.  The last I heard Jesse was an electrician by trade but by skill and profession, a blackjack dealer in Mississippi.

I think the reason I was thinking about Jesse today was because  of the crowd.  No matter where you look there are crowds.  Jesse had a special trick he used to play on me in crowds:  If a lady is in front of me Jesse would manage to get behind me and run his hand around me and either grab or pinch her on the butt and withdraw his hand quickly.  The lady would turn around quickly and see me and if she saw Jesse standing behind me he would be looking blankly clueless.  More than once I have been threatened because of his sneaky grouping hands.  I remember one time in particular we were standing on some steps going up to the second level of a new golf driving range on the 4-Lane across from Dobbins Air Force Base.  We were waiting for the crowd of people to move on  up to the top so we could follow.  The lady in front of me jumped and turned around and  gave me a dirty look.  It took me a moment to realize Jesse was no longer beside me but behind me.  When she turned back around I looked at Jesse and he smiled - showing a mouth full of teeth.    He tried doing it again and I blocked his hand, then he tried to force his hand and we made a ruffling noise and turned around and realized the full story.  or, I think she did.  Her and her boy friend moved up a few people away from one of our reach.

Jesse was also good at coming up behind you  when you didn't realize he was near and grab your rectum area and quack like a mad duck.  He did it so sneakily and his hands felt so much like a riveting duck's bill it causes you to instantly panic.  His first cousin Larry Southern was also very good  at quacking and his hand imitating a snapping duck. Those were the good old days.


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