Saturday, January 18, 2014

An Important Announcement

We have an announcement.     

We switched the comment button to off.  If I did it right, you will not be able to make comments.  

 I had a reason for disallowing comments.  For the past week or so my blog posts have been receiving comments from people I suspect are originally from the Far East.  The comments are in a foreign language, which doesn't allow me to approve or disapprove of what is being said.  I had a person well versed in foreign languages and the Internet look at the comments.  He said it is spam in Malay, trying to lure people to their product.

No free advertisements on my watch!

A fellow blogger once told me he didn't allow comments because they are a pain in the ass.  He had a point.

After a while, I may turn on the comments button back on.  It may be weeks or months.


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