Monday, January 20, 2014

THE INVISIBLE MAN GETS LOST IN THE WAITING ROOM.   True story:  Today the Invisible Man went to the doctor.  There were two receptionists behind the front counter. 

After the Invisible Man signed in one receptionist handed him a clipboard with some forms on it and told him to fill it out.  As he was filling it out, he noticed each time someone finished their clipboard forms they went up the counter and one of the receptionists would take it and tell that person to go to Waiting Room A, B, or C.  When the Invisible Man finished his he went up to hand in the clipboard.  The two receptionists were deep in a conversation about what they did this past weekend.   The Invisible Man felt like an intruder, but handed the one closest the clipboard with the forms.  She didn't even look at them or the IM.   She said "Thank you" and went back to say what she was about to say.   He stood there a short while and went back and sat down, after all, they acted like they didn't need him.  Two more people finished their  clipboards and turned them in and were told which waiting room to go to.  The Invisible Man decided they didn't notice he turned in his forms, so had no reason to tell him to go to a waiting room.  

He went back up the counter and asked shouldn't be sent to a waiting room.   One said he needed to fill a some forms first.  He did and pointed to the clipboard in one of the receptionist's hands.  "There they are."  She said, "Go to Waiting Room A!"   A little unnerved that someone had  questioned her workmanship


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