Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Ms Rakestraw's 4th Grade Class at Waterman Street School

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Ms Rakestraw and her 4th Grade Class at Waterman Street School, Marietta, Georgia, c1950.  All left to Right:
1st Row:  Tony Hester, Eddie Hunter, Archie Richardson,  Frankie Holder,  Walker Gaines, maybe Mike Martin, Tony Partain, ?, and ?.
2nd Row:  Janice Benson, Pat Rainwater,  Betty Edwards,  Donna LeVann,  Alice Tibbetts,  ?, Pat ?, Janice Belmore, ?, and  Carolyn Mills,
3rd Row:  Mickey Wilbur, Gresham Howren, ?, Joann Mitchell, ?, ?, Jerry Flowers,  Larry Southern,  Vann Callway, Sam Carsley, and ?
Back:  Ms Rakestraw.

If you have any corrections, or have other class pictures of the glass for the 5th, and 7th grades please contact me.

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