Thursday, January 02, 2014

Waiting Room Man Bits of Wisdom

We took my mother-in-law to the doctor the other day.

I let them out at the door and went to park.  On the ground floor of the building the  specialist is in is a little eatery.  It has just a few tables and a counter with  lot of packaged eats and maybe a grill.  I decided to try their coffee (and the price.  As I walked in there were three people behind the counter talking.   The man doing the talking had a very flouncy feminine way about him, he was in his 30s.  He was talking and the other man and woman, in their 50s or 60s, were working unloading boxes, and getting things ready.  The flouncy feminine way man said after he was grown because of an accident both of his arms  were broken and his mother had to bathe him from head to toe every day.

The middle age lady rolled her eyes and said, "You go what you gotta do, I reckon".  

I got a cup of coffee and went up the elevator to the doctor's office.

I brought along a book to read in the waiting room.  I f I really had my heart set on reading, I should have picked another seat.  When I first sat next to a man about my age he I saw he was taken away with FOX NEWS.  He looked dumbfounded by all the bad things that are happening in the world, especially where they are getting ready to hold the Winter Olympics,  which he told me was in Georgia, Germany.
He reminded me of the character on Saturday Night Live played by Bobby Moynihan  who plays the Drunk Uncle and also a character who  just gets a little of the facts and completely mixes them up into a completely different meaning.  This guy did too. 

He shared his wisdom with me for about 30 minutes.  I should have brought a pad and pencil to record it all:

The congressmen are communists:  Why else would they try shut the United States Government?

Do you know what the punishment for Treason is?  Death!  They should take all those congressmen that tried to shut down the United States and shoot them for treason.  POW!  Make an  example out of them!

He lives in Rome, Georgia, born  there and lived there all is life.  I asked him did he know Peggy's (a  statewide famous whorehouse in Rome, that the law looked the other way - very popular in the 50s and 60s).  He said if I ever went I probably met his daddy.  He said his Daddy was always at Peggy's, painting rooms free for them.

A well dressed elderly man sitting close by got up and moved.  I wondered if he was a ministered and he knew about Peggy's and didn't want to be reminded.

He said he believes all the big companies that lay people off are secretly communists - why else would people try to put  Americans on the street homeless and  starving?   Another company bought out his company and laid off most of old timers and brought their own people in.  He thought they had to be communists.

Sadly, he told me his 24 year old son took his own life.  

He said those congressmen hate Obama so bad because  he is black they would do anything, even destroy America to make Obama look  bad.  Communists!     He said.

As we talked we found out we both had the same prostate operation and the same urinating problems afterwards.

Another person got up and moved.  We then had empty seats around us and the rest of the room was crowded, which is strange because we were in the best space for watching TV.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now, pretend you're listening to one side of that conversation taking place on a cellphone next to you on an airplane. It would be worse because many people speak three times as loud on a cellphone.

three words: Noise cancelling earphones.


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