Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tip for the Doorman

Today in the Whicher Street Parking deck I was trying to take a picture of the hospital from the deck's opening.  A lady was struggling to load some heavy stuff on  a gurney with wheels.  I asked her could I help her and she said no thank you, she had it.  So, I went on.
At the door I heard wheels rolling and turned around and saw the same lady huffing and puffing rolling the gurney full of cases and boxes.  I held the door opened for her and  I said, "I got to help you after all!"  She smiled and thanked me.
After the doctor's visit going back to the car walking out into the parking deck I saw an old lady stepping out of a car, shouting, "You mean I suppose to walk way over there?"
The young lady driving, probably her daughter, just shrugged, like saying, "How else?"  And she drove to a place further away to park.
I was walking and saw that the little lady on the walker was going to have a hard time  opening that big metal door. So, I U-turned, passed her, got to the door and held it opened while she hobbled in. 
She complained, saying, "They ought t to do something about these doors!"  

It reminded me the last time, before today, that we ate at John Boy's.   When we were leaving I held the door opened for my mother-in-law, and behind her were a few more elder people that I kept the door opened so they could come out too.  Then when  they got through  and I was about to shut the door here come another elderly couple.  Again, I  opened the door for them and held it. 

Then just as  I was about to shut it a group of business men came walking towards the door, I thought to myself, "Hell, why not?"   So,  held the door opened longer for them to walk through.  One of the well dressed men said, "Are you doing this for a tip?"  In a witty kind of way.
I returned his wit, by saying, "Of Course!"
He said, "Here's a tip, never bet on a horse with a wooden leg!"

And he got in the driver's seat of a Mercedes.  


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