Saturday, January 18, 2014

Does Anybody Know What Time It Is, or Really Care?

A fellow blogger, Susan, of  Patchwork  Reflections,,  had an interesting post about time pieces, such as watches, clocks, and the math of it all.   Check it out at

I heard recently that there is a trend among the elite, fashionable, and pacesetters to not to wear a watch for the sake of seeing what time it is.  If I understand it right it is OK to wear a watch like an expensive gold bracelet, it doesn't even have to hands or other moving parts, as long as it is chic.  It is like making the statement, "I'm so cool and worldly, time is not important t me, it is too materialistic."
If this trend continues to spread a whole lot ways of life will have to change.
When attending church is when  does the sermon start, when the pastor arrive or the  most of the  congregation?
When making a doctor's appointment  make it for "when I get there.  If you get there at  4 hours after the office is closed you can say, "How crude!  And  call the doctor at home to come back in, he didn't take into account you are a chick person that doesn't believe in watches that tell time.

If people tell  you to spring forward one hour in the spring time look at them  in pity and feel sorry for them.
If  in school your child's school principal calls you and tells you your child never arrives on time.  Just smile and shake your head and explain to them there is no such thing as time.

If you come into a movie theater and the movie has already started, demand they stop and it and start over.  If they tell you that you are late, you can say, "Not late at being cool and fashionable!  Now,  restart the movie like I told you."
If you go to a concert, the same applies.

When McDonald and other fast food restaurants take down their breakfast menu at 10:30 and you show up when the sun is in the middle of the sky (don't use the word "Noon")  demand a sausage and biscuit and tell them you might not wear a watch but your money is good as anybody's.

If they get this trend to work, next they might work on throwing away calendars unless they like seeing the monthly pictures.



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