Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Checking Out JOBS

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JOBS, directed by Joshua Michael Stern and starring Ashton Kutcher, is not what you think.  That is, it is not what you think if you are thinking it is going to be a spicy movie, like the kind of movie Linda Lovelace was in.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

It is about a compulsive guy named Steve who started a new company he named APPLE.    APPLE became known as a very innovative computer manufacturer.  Steve hired a lot people and fired people if they didn't share his enthusiasm.  There were a lot of JOBS coming and going.  Then it went public and it became a corporation with a board of directors.  And suddenly Steve was fired from his own company - he lost his JOB - and APPLE was ran like a corporation it was and lost its reputation for  being fearless, innovative, exploring new ground.  The stock began to fall and people were laid off - JOBS lost!

Steve and some friends started their company in his parents' garage.  Walt Disney started  his Walt Disney productions in a garage.  Maybe like Disney Steve relied on the technical know-how of his geek friends, which the movie hinted  Steve did not share the monetary awards property.   The movie did not mention it, but it appears that Steve might have had the Asperger syndrome - completely able to focus  on one subject  and could care less about the human distractions around him.   

The board of directors knew they needed Steve's reckless dreaming leadership, so they gave him his own JOB back as CEO.  And he got rid of many of his old buddies - in a separation packages he bought  the controlling JOBS.  

Is it no wonder the movie was called JOBS?  Oh, and another thing, Steve's last name was  JOBS.   I say "was" because he  died.



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