Thursday, November 07, 2013

Uneducated and Dangerous

A couple of weeks ago we took my mother-in-law a doctor on the 8th floor of a building in the Cumberland area in Smyrna.  After she had seen the doctor Anna signaled me to go get the car.  I rode down the elevator with a couple probably in their 70s.  The man noticed the cap I was wearing and said his great grandfather fought on Kennesaw Mountain in the Civil War.  I said mine did too.  He said he had been  to the museum at the mountain.  I told him my great grandfather was in 39th North Carolina Regiment, Company I.  He told me his great grandfather was in a Indiana or Ohio unit.  I said maybe his great grandfather was the Yankee that shot my great grandfather in the knee.  We laughed.

By this time we were out of the elevator and walking towards the parking lot.  I told them that my great grandfather, after being shot recuperated at a private residence near Woodstock - and while recuperating made friends in the area and moved back to Woodstock after the war, and that is why  I and my many cousins live hear now.

They found out all that was very interesting and was even double interested when they realized I was a Marietta native. 

Then he asked what college did I attend.  I told him I attended Kennesaw Junior College and that is about it.  Their smiles turned into frozen smiles.  They separated from me very quickly, falsely smiling.

"Imagine!"  They probably thought, "We were in the elevator alone with that man and then in a lone parking lot with nobody near us!  We are lucky he didn't kill us!  He had no education to speak of".
I should have added I was on the Dean's List most of the time at Kennesaw Junior College.



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