Monday, November 25, 2013

Brumby Gym - Memories

The first glance at this picture brought back a rush of memories.  One memory was one day in the basement of this building Coach Lundy was in his office sitting at his desk doing paper work.   We had a firecracker we wanted to light in the hall that ran from one side to the other.  But Coach Lundy's would know it was us.  Finally,  I suggested to a friend that if he stuck the fuse up in a cigarette and lit the cigarette would slowly burn and light the fuse. He followed my suggestion and after the cigarette was lit we ran inside and started to change clothes for Phys Ed.  We were standing in our underwear when the firecracker exploded, just outside his office.  Within 15 seconds he rushed into the boys locker room and there we were in our skivvies pulling up our shorts.  He looked at us and stormed out.

Later  he had me cornered for something else and he brought up the firecracker.  He said he knew I did it and he knew that I knew  I did it, and I knew that he knew that I did it, and why don't I just admit it.

I didn't confess, I think I was confused over "I know you know that I know, bla bla. bla..."

Also, behind this building, and on the other side of the swimming pool was a small park where a parking lot is now.  It was a good place for after school fist fights.  I remember one fight, which started because Jimmy Pat Presley was picking on a frail little kid and the kid had more spunk that Jimmy realized, the kid hit Jimmy over the head with his music instrument case.  I think the fight was ended almost as soon as it stared.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would that other scrawny kid be named Gilbert?
Janice Barker

7:13 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...

Could be.

8:27 AM  

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