Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mystery Solved!

Yesterday on this blog I said somebody in Palo Alto, Ca., was watching my blog and apparently downloading the whole post every day.

A fellow blogger friend Joe of the blog Talley Ho! knew exactly what I was talking about and who was doing it.  He had already investigated it.  It is Google.  They suck in my blog post daily and digest the words and in case anybody somebody Googles  any key word I used in   my post will be available for them to read.

For instance, if I have the words Funny dog videos, bare tits, or fuck on my blog they will be digested by Goodle and if someone is curious about funny dog videos, bare tits, or fuck they can Google the word and end up looking at my blog plus many others.  For those who are actually did that and are now disappointed reading this, I'm sorry I sent you on a wild goose chase but thank you for raising my statistics.



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