Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On This Date, November 5,in History...

On this date,  November 5, 1969 Al Capp (1909-1979) died.  He was the cartoonist who created LI'L ABNER, FEARLESS FOSTICK, and the many characters that surrounded them.  For a while he was a hero of liberalism then things shifted and became a hero of conservatism.   In his cartoons he called things as he saw them, which I think sometimes he saw them threw tainted lenses.  

 He had some interesting messages in his cartoon stories, which incidentally, he was a fantastic story teller - if one would take the time to transcribe his comic stories into words  I think each story would stand the test of time and be  a classic on its own.

In his later years he was on the college speaking circuit, which he defended his beliefs.  During this time he had a reputation of luring young coeds to his room.  I think he may have been falsely accused.

Also on this date in 1911 Roy Rogers  was born and in 1942 Art Garfunkel was born. 

Happy Trails to you.

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